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The Premier CRM and Back Office Solution for Forex Brokerages and Financial Institutions

Syntellicore, a flagship product of Dynamic Works, is a robust CRM and Back Office platform designed specifically for Forex Brokerages and Financial Institutions. It enhances operational efficiency and client engagement through seamless integration with leading trading platforms like MetaTrader 4/5, cTrader, MatchTrader, and Vertex, as well as over 100 payment service providers. The platform includes an intuitive Traders' Room and a customizable, white-labeled mobile app that supports real-time trading, fast onboarding, and KYC verification. This native app allows brokers to enable or disable features and manage client languages without coding, ensuring a tailored and user-friendly experience. Syntellicore's advanced client management features cover the entire client lifecycle, from onboarding and KYC to ongoing account management, ensuring compliance with industry standards through robust security measures. Furthermore Syntellicore comes with a powerful multi-tier IB/Affiliate system, which has been characterized as probably the best on the market.

Built with scalability in mind, Syntellicore grows with your business without compromising performance. It streamlines back-office operations by automating routine tasks and providing powerful tools for managing client accounts, transactions, and communications. The platform's dynamic reporting and analytics deliver valuable insights into business operations, helping make data-driven decisions. Continuous updates ensure Syntellicore remains at the cutting edge of the industry, incorporating the latest technological advancements and user feedback.

By choosing Syntellicore, financial organizations gain a comprehensive, innovative, and user-friendly solution that drives success in a competitive market.

Main Features

Lead / Customer / Account Management

Syntellicore’s Customer/Account Management module automates client interactions, allowing quick customization of client information and responses to inquiries. Enhance service quality, boost loyalty, and streamline operations with this intuitive system.

Automated Distribution of Leads and Customers

With the Sales Pool Module customers are automatically assigned to the various sales pools, streamlining the sales processes within the enterprise. The sales and retention pools are easily configurable.

Auto KYC & AML

The AI-based verification services, allow you to fulfil your Automated KYC and AML compliance obligations. Syntellicore is embedded with a rich selection of approved automated Document, Name, ID, Address, Date of Birth, Face, and AML verification. Users can be verified within 30-60 seconds.

Advanced Compliance Management

Syntellicore’s compliance management enhances efficiency with dynamic and managed questionnaires, intelligent risk detection, and precise KYC scoring. This robust system simplifies the regulated onboarding process, ensuring compliance and data security while adapting seamlessly to each customer’s specific needs.

Optimized Marketing Capabilities with Syntellicore’s Campaign Module

Syntellicore’s Campaign Module offers comprehensive monitoring of leads, conversions, and other key metrics to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This tool empowers your team to track the entire marketing funnel in real-time, from initial engagement to final conversion, enhancing both strategy and execution.

Integrated Business Intelligence and Reporting System

Enhance decision-making with Syntellicore's native Reporting System and Integrated Business Intelligence. This powerful combination delivers actionable insights and analytics, helping you optimize operations and strategize effectively. Gain a comprehensive view of your business performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to drive growth and success.

Integration with MT4 / MT5 and Other Leading Trading Platforms

Syntellicore seamlessly integrates with major trading platforms such as MT4, MT5, Vertex, cTrader, and MatchTrader, supporting the 'single wallet' concept for unified account management across platforms.

Streamlined Trading Account Types Management

Syntellicore’s Group Management feature simplifies the configuration of trading platform account group settings and enhances account opening with user-friendly options. Seamlessly integrated with the Multi-tier Rebate Module, it provides flexibility and control, centralizing operations in one efficient backend portal.

Multi-Tier IB/Affiliate System

The Syntellicore IB System makes the management of IB simple and easy. It is a 3-M system: multi-tier, multi-campaign, multi-schemed. The system is assimilated to your business needs through your CRM, making it an easy-to-manage tool.

Safeguard Customer Data with Syntellicore

Ensuring the security of customer information is paramount. Syntellicore provides options to store critical customer data securely, either on-premises or in a high-security hosted environment. Certified with ISO9001 and ISO27001, Dynamic Works guarantees robust information security.

Unleashing the Potential of Syntellicore’s App Store

The Syntellicore App Store enhances and expands CRM capabilities. This user-friendly marketplace offers hundreds of apps for configuring and customizing systems, with most available at no extra cost. Brokers can easily tailor their CRM to meet evolving business needs, ensuring a flexible and up-to-date system without additional expenses.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency via Syntellicore’s RESTful API

Syntellicore’s API facilitates the integration of existing digital assets—including websites, web applications, mobile apps, and other software—with custom in-house trader’s rooms or mobile apps through a robust set of RESTful Web Services. This API follows standard HTTP protocols, ensuring broad compatibility with various HTTP clients.

Prepare for MiFID II/MiFIR Reporting with Syntellicore

With the increased obligations of the financial institutions set out by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) along with Markets in Financial Investments Regulation (MiFIR), Syntellicore offers MiFID II/MiFIR Reporting which covers many relevant requirements.

Syntellicore is Integrated with Zendesk chat and Support

Syntellicore is fully integrated with Zendesk, keeping all communication with potential and existing customers made through Zendesk Chat, consolidated into each customer’s record. The brokerage firm can analyse the history of communication with clients from all members of the team, be it by phone, chat, email and ticketing.

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