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IB/Affiliate System

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IB/Affiliate System

The Syntellicore Rebate System makes the management of Partners (IBs and Affiliates) simple and easy. SmartRebate ™ is a Syntellicore App which will transform both your CRM & Portal into a full-featured, powerful Rebate Management System for your Partners.

Main Features


Unlike other systems, Syntellicore SmartRebate empowers your Partners (both IBs & Affiliates) to build extensive referral networks of unlimited tiers. Embrace the potential for boundless expansion and elevate your business with our cutting-edge solution. Why placing limits when your multi-tier networks can have unlimited depth?


Multi-campaign functionality enables each partner to run multiple campaigns in parallel. This includes campaigns to onboard CPA clients, campaigns based on Per-Lot, Commission, P&L, or even hybrid models. This flexibility allows for tailored strategies to maximize performance and results. No need to onboard your Partners multiple times in order to offer them multiple campaigns anymore.


Syntellicore SmartRebate offers a powerful yet easy-to-use, template-driven rebate structure builder. Our extensive library of algorithms includes Per Lot, Per Deal, Spread per Lot, Per Volume, on P&L, and on Commission, all of which can be combined into a single, cohesive rebate structure. If these options don't meet your business requirements, custom algorithms can be coded into our system.

Get a 360° View of the IB/Affiliate System Features

Imagine the possibility of being able to configure rebates using multiple calculation types over multiple Trading Groups, and/or Securities and/or individual Instruments, all in a single rebate structure. Full-support of standard inheritance makes it easy to configure and manage in the future. Our sophisticated, hybrid Static & Dynamic Distribution algorithms over Rebate/Master networks concludes to one thing. Sky is the limit.

Full support for CPA commissions upon deposits. Define your own deposit ranges and split the commission into multiple-tiers. Set qualifying conditions to safeguard the business from scammers. CPA rewards are also distributable to the multi-tier networks.

Both IBs & Traders share the same portal. No need to maintain different portals. As a result of this, an IB can also have all the benefits of a Trader, in other words to have his/her own wallets, to use his favorite platform to transfer funds, trade, request funds to be withdrawn, etc. Similarly, a Trader can be promoted to an IB by the Broker at any time.

Empower your Partners with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to attract more clients and drive results. Upload your own banners and media files, and enable Partners to generate custom registration forms, QR codes, and redirect traffic to your landing pages. With Syntellicore SmartRebate Channels, Partners can effortlessly track the performance of their marketing efforts. From a single banner impression to the rebates generated by each link, provide them with detailed insights into every step of the funnel. Break down the journey from Impression to Click, Registration, Conversion, Deposit, and Trading, all the way to Rebates. Simplify ROI estimation and help your Partners optimize their strategies for maximum impact.

Partners can have full access to their own data through a set of RESTful Web Services. This access is complemented by comprehensive documentation of the RESTful API, ensuring that they can seamlessly integrate and utilize their own data. Additionally, Partners have the capability to set up their own webhooks for real-time data updates, enabling them to stay informed and responsive to changes as they occur.

Syntellicore, allows Brokers to provide their Partners their own co-branded portal by displaying the Partner logo and/or theme colouring based on the referral. This is dynamically distributed to the entire referral network of the Partners.

Set up performance-based qualifiers to allow your Partners to exponentially increase their revenue based on their performance. Traditional linear rewards are outdated; SmartRebate provides dynamic and compelling incentives to truly motivate your Partners.

Extend SmartRebate functionality by installing and configuring Apps through the Syntellicore Marketplace. Enable cashbacks for your Partners, create account shares, automate campaign creation, label your partners based on performance, create webhooks, and customize the UI/UX of the Partner's portal—all through Syntellicore Apps.

Syntellicore, has an endless list of features which has been compiled and developed by receiving and evaluating our brokers' requests.  Marketing Material, dynamically generated for each campaign, available to the IB to download and use instantly. Interactive real-time illustration of IB Networks Campaign API, which allows IBs to render the registration form directly on their own websites / landing pages. IBs can also Trade. They can even (optionally) generate rebate on self-trading. SmartRebate® allows further customization on what Traders and IBs can do they are not allowed to do. Custom Link Aliasing for campaigns allows IBs to create short and easy to remember URLs for their campaigns IB API allows IBs to securely access their own data and develop their own mobile apps, portals and business tools. Full and up-to-date documentation is available. Close-to, real-time rebate calculation allows IBs to monitor their clients’ activity and watch their rebate growing. Automatic payments allows broker to pay their IBs without having to move a single finger. Rebates are calculated automatically and by the end of the day these are made available so that an IB can transfer to his/her Syntellicore wallet, through where he/she can trade or withdraw. Broker chooses which client information is to be displayed to the IB. The decision of disclosing or not any sensitive information of referred clients is on the Broker to make. Migrating from another system? SmartRebate® can re-route traffic sent to old links into the new ones, provided of course that access to the old destination is provided. Rebate Forensics , is a new app which allows brokers to trace rebate calculation and troubleshoot the system.  

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