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Mobile App

The Syntellicore White Label mobile app extends the Traders' Room, providing clients with a seamless and comprehensive trading experience directly from their branded application. This powerful mobile solution allows clients to onboard effortlessly, complete KYC verification, and manage their accounts with ease.

Clients can deposit funds, execute trades, and withdraw earnings securely, all within the app. The intuitive interface ensures that users can navigate through various functionalities without hassle, enhancing their overall trading experience. Additionally, the app supports real-time account management, giving clients the ability to monitor their trading activities, review transaction history, and adjust settings on the go.

Designed to reflect your brand, the Syntellicore mobile app ensures consistency in your client communications and interactions. With robust security measures in place, clients can trade and manage their accounts confidently, knowing their data is protected.

Whether your clients are new to trading or experienced investors, the Syntellicore White Label mobile app offers a user-friendly, efficient, and secure platform to meet their needs. This extension of the Traders' Room empowers financial institutions to provide a top-tier mobile trading experience, driving engagement and client satisfaction.

Main Features

Enhance Client Onboarding with Quick Mobile Sign-Up

Elevate client engagement using your branded mobile app. Simplify the user journey with seamless app download, swift pre-registration, and efficient KYC uploads. Enable instant deposits and streamlined withdrawals, alongside secure mobile trading, all through one integrated platform—accessible on iOS and Android.

White Label Mobile App, available on your App Store & Google Play

Experience a native iOS/Android mobile app, custom-branded for your firm and accessible to your clients through your own App Store. Seamlessly connected to your Syntellicore CRM and trading platforms, this app empowers your clients with comprehensive trading and account management tools directly on their mobile devices.

Enhanced Security with MFA & Biometric Authentication

Ensure your clients’ account information remains secure with our advanced biometric authentication methods. Our mobile app supports multiple security layers, including FaceID, TouchID, PIN, pattern, and password verification, providing robust protection for your brokerage clients' data.

Flexible Deposits & Withdrawals Through Your Mobile App

Expand your mobile app’s payment capabilities with over 100 integrations from top Payment Service Providers (PSPs). Offer your clients the convenience of making effortless deposits via PSPs or wire transfers. Cater to a wide range of financial needs by providing multiple withdrawal options, both automated and manual, directly through your branded mobile application.

Centralized Mobile Wallet for Multi-Platform Trading

Experience seamless fund management with the Syntellicore centralized wallet, integrated into your mobile app. Designed to support multiple trading platforms under a single customer profile, it allows clients to easily transfer funds between their wallet and trading accounts, in both same and cross-currency transactions. Optimize your trading efficiency and currency management with this robust mobile feature.

Mobile Trading for your Clients: Trade Anywhere, Anytime

Empower your brokerage clients to invest on the go with our mobile app, designed to put trading at their fingertips. Featuring an embedded mobile web trader, it allows clients to open and close trades, monitor account balances, and assess trading account performance directly from their mobile devices—ensuring seamless investment management wherever they are.

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