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Why Dynamic Works

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Why Dynamic Works

Dynamic Works is the preferred partner for financial organizations seeking to enhance efficiency, compliance, and client interaction. Our flagship Syntellicore CRM, designed for the Forex and financial markets, pushes the boundaries of technological integration and customization.

Comprehensive Integration: Syntellicore CRM seamlessly integrates with key trading platforms like MetaTrader 4/5, cTrader, MatchTrader, and Vertex, as well as over 100 payment service providers and compliance tools for KYC and AML, ensuring secure and regulatory-compliant operations.

Tailored Customization: We understand the unique needs of financial organizations. Our customizable CRM solutions are adapted to align perfectly with business strategies and enhance client engagement.

Scalability, Robustness, and Support: Syntellicore CRM grows with businesses without compromising performance. Its robust architecture ensures reliability and efficiency. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7, ensuring systems stay up-to-date and cutting-edge.

Branded Mobile App: Syntellicore includes a native, branded mobile app for brokers and their clients, allowing seamless client interaction on the go, enhancing flexibility and accessibility.

Proven Expertise and Innovation: With over twenty years of experience, Dynamic Works combines deep industry expertise with technological innovation and client satisfaction. We leverage the latest technology to significantly enhance operational capabilities.

Choosing Dynamic Works means forming a partnership that enhances the capacity to grow and succeed in a competitive market.

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