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DW eCommerce Custom solution

Dw eCommerce is a secure innovative e-commerce software platform for companies that sell products online. Offer a friendly shopping experience to your website’s visitors by providing an online shopping cart with a simple and speedy check-out process.

Website, Store and Hosting

Website, Store and Hosting

Website, Store and Hosting in one plan xSelio provides everything your business needs to grow online. A CMS driven website and online store that come readily hosted at xSelio data centers at no extra cost.

Search Engine Friendly

Search engine optimization is an important part of building and maintaining a website. xSelio contains the necessary tools to help you boost your store's search engine ranking.

Manage orders, payments, deliveries and customers. It's easy!

Know your customer

xSelio offers customer relationship management (CRM) as an integral part of the commerce platform,giving you a single 360-degree view of customer orders, preferences, issues, contact and payment information.

Special offers and coupons

Generate excitement and boost sales with promotions, coupons and flash sales. Easily create promotions to give customers amount or percentage discount on their order. Coupons can be set to expire after a certain date or be redeemed by entering a coupon code.


As well as a dedicated security team that monitors your store every second, you get unlimited access to our expert support team. Depending on your plan we can support you via phone, email, live chat, Facebook or Twitter.

SSL certificates

Secure your store's online checkout process with your own SSL certificate so your customers can purchase with confidence

User interface

xSelio is designed to meet modern design standards. It uses lightning fast AJAX interface and a minimalistic structure and user interface that includes a smooth and direct navigation.


Explore your options and improve the shopping experience of your online store.

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