Dynamic Works - 20 Years of Excellence: Dynamic Works Marks a Celebratory Year

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20 Years of Excellence: Dynamic Works Marks a Celebratory Year

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13 September 2023

20 Years of Excellence: Dynamic Works Marks a Celebratory Year

20 Years of Excellence: Dynamic Works Marks a Celebratory Year

20 Years of Excellence: Dynamic Works Marks a Celebratory Year

In the fast-paced world of software development, very few companies manage to not only survive but thrive for two decades. Dynamic Works, a leading name in the software industry, and the company behind the pioneering Dynamic Works Syntellicore CRM, is one such remarkable success story. As the company gears up to celebrate its 20th anniversary, it's a fitting time to reflect on its journey, achievements, and the ground-breaking product that catapulted it to the forefront of the industry - the Syntellicore solution for financial organizations and forex companies. In 2023, Dynamic Works is poised for a year of celebration and achievement. With a remarkable journey that has seen them not only endure but thrive over the years, the company has much to commemorate; from their 20-year grand celebration at their impressive new Headquarters on the 18th of September 2023, to an extended iFX Expo International 2023 participation, Dynamic Works is setting the standard solidly for two decades.


Dynamic Works: The road to Leadership

Dynamic Works, founded in 2003, has steadily grown over the years, cementing its position as a leader in the field of software development. What began as a small venture with a handful of talented individuals has evolved into a global team with a diverse team of experts. The company's relentless commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind its success.
Over the years, Dynamic Works has worked with clients from various industries, delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to their unique needs. However, it was in the financial sector that the company truly made its mark, thanks to its revolutionary Syntellicore solution, launched in 2017.


Syntellicore: Revolutionizing Financial Organizations

Dynamic Works Syntellicore has been a game-changer for financial organizations and forex companies. It offers a comprehensive and integrated platform that streamlines operations, enhances customer experience, and provides a competitive edge. 
An award-winning, fully-fledged White Label solution, Syntellicore is an unparalleled administration tool for Financial Organizations. The system includes a comprehensive CRM/Back-office tool and a dynamic Client Portal paired with a native Mobile Application for both Android and iOS devices.

The system boasts a combination of integral components, positioning Dynamic Works Syntellicore as a market leader in its field. Its sophisticated integration with VoIP and Communication Systems and MFA providers, Automatic Lead Allocation, complete Sales Management facility, and Modular Client Portal are only a few of its ground-breaking features for a seamless client experience. At the same time, Syntellicore is integrated with a vast number of payment service providers and multiple Trading Platforms such as MetaTrader 4/5, CTrader, Match Trader, and Social Trading Platforms. 

Its robust Back Office Operations provide a hands-on solution dedicated to offering the highest level of customer and partner experience. To add to its partner-focused philosophy, it comes complete with its flagship Syntellicore Rebate System, which transforms the role of IBs and Affiliates into an amplified journey of multi-tier possibilities through rebate and cashback provisions.

At the same time, Syntellicore offers extensive flexibility and can be adapted to any regulatory framework for single or multiple brands and is integrated with industry-leading global Auto-KYC and AML providers. What sets Syntellicore apart is its adaptability and scalability. It can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with their existing systems and processes. 
Moreover, Syntellicore is not just a software solution; it represents Dynamic Works' commitment to staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology and industry trends. The company continuously updates and enhances the platform to keep pace with evolving market demands and regulatory changes, ensuring that its clients remain competitive and compliant.


The IFX Expo in Limassol: A Grand Showcase

As Dynamic Works celebrates its 20th anniversary, it is gearing up for a grand celebration that includes a prominent presence at the upcoming iFX Expo International 2023 in Limassol. Scheduled for September 19-21, 2023, at City of Dreams Mediterranean Integrated Resort, the iFX Expo is a prestigious event that brings together industry leaders, experts, and innovators from the financial sector.
As proud sponsors of the event, Dynamic Works will be at the heart of the action with an impressive presence at Booths 4 and 5, showcasing its latest innovations, including updates to the Syntellicore solution. Visitors can expect to engage with the Dynamic Works team, explore live demonstrations, and gain valuable insights into how the company's solutions can transform their businesses.
The iFX Expo provides an excellent platform for Dynamic Works to connect with its existing clients, forge new partnerships, and stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry. It's a testament to the company's enduring commitment to innovation and its dedication to supporting its clients in their growth journey.


A New Headquarters: A Symbol of Growth

To enhance the excitement surrounding its 20th-anniversary celebration, Dynamic Works has moved to a new, state-of-the-art headquarters earlier this year. This move reflects the company's continuous growth and expansion. The new headquarters represents more than just a physical space; it symbolizes Dynamic Works' dedication to excellence and its readiness to embrace future challenges and opportunities.
The spacious and modern facility provides an inspiring work environment for the company's talented team. It's designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation, ensuring that Dynamic Works remains at the forefront of the industry for many more years to come.


2023: A Year to Celebrate

As Dynamic Works marks its 20th year in the industry, it is important to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of the entire team. The company's success is not just measured in terms of its ground-breaking products; it's a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering value to its clients.

The year 2023 is indeed a year to celebrate for Dynamic Works. The company has overcome numerous challenges, adapted to changing market dynamics, and emerged stronger each time. Its ability to innovate and evolve is a testament to its resilience and determination.


The Grand Anniversary Event on September 18th

To culminate its year-long celebration, Dynamic Works is hosting a grand anniversary event on September 18th, 2023 at 19:00. Organised under the theme of #20DynamicYears, the event promises to be a memorable evening of reflection, recognition, and celebration. It will bring together employees, clients, partners, and industry leaders to commemorate two decades of excellence. The event will be attended by the Minister of Finance, the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation & Digital Policy, and the Chief Scientist for Research & Innovation among other political leaders, prominent government members and local entrepreneurial community.

The event will provide an opportunity to look back at the company's milestones, celebrate its achievements, and set the stage for an even brighter future. Dynamic Works' leadership will share their vision for the years ahead, highlighting the company's commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and growth. In addition to speeches and presentations, and the inauguration of the new headquarters, the event will feature entertainment, a live band, great food and drinks, and endless opportunities to network and connect with one another. It's a momentous occasion that reflects the company's gratitude to everyone who has been part of its remarkable journey and those to be included in its future. Invitation is open for industry leaders and interested parties. To express interest for attending the event please click here: 




Dynamic Works' success story is not just about software; it's about a team of dedicated individuals who have turned challenges into opportunities, and it's about a company that continues to evolve and thrive in a rapidly changing industry. 

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