Dynamic Works named National Champion in European Business Awards

A panel of independent judges, including business leaders and senior academics, selected the National Champions for Cyprus after the European Business Awards engaged with over 32,000 companies this year.  Now in its seventh year, the European Business Awards was created to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe, celebrating and endorsing individuals’ and organisations’ success, together with providing examples of excellence for the business community to aspire to.

Established as one of the leading providers for Cyprus in Web, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Systems,  and Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing solutions across an ever growing range of industry segments, Dynamic Works continues to invest in innovation. One major such innovation is Dynamic Works’ own eCommerce solution xSelio that has dramatically drastically reduced barriers to entry for small and medium sizes businesses that operate in the retail sector since its launch in 2013.  The more accessible, consumer friendly and intuitive storefront xSelio is different from other eCommerce solutions in the market in that it provides a fully developed eCommerce website, with a plethora of securely hosted eCommerce tools at a price that is drastically less expensive to launch and maintain than is currently available in many countries across Europe.

Following the success of xSelio in 2013, Dynamic Works launched the groundbreaking Restaurant Ordering App solution, MANDO, aimed to equip restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels with a Mobile Ordering Application that allows their customers to order a great meal from their mobile device - from fine-dining to the best pizza in town.  An optimal solution easily customized to match each restaurant’s brand look and feel, all with a small monthly fee.

Celebrating its 12 years, DYNAMIC WORKS feels privileged to have collaborated with some of the largest organisations in Cyprus through the provision of complete digital solutions including Hermes Airports with the launch of its official website, Digital marketing and Social Media Marketing, as well as a dedicated passenger mobility solution at both Larnaca and Pafos Airports, web solutions for banks with the most important being that of Hellenic Bank, CRM solutions for Forex companies,  e-ticketing booking engines for the Pafos Aphrodite Festival and SoldOutTickets, Student Information Systems (SIS) / CRM solutions for academic institutions, the Government Funding Programmes Portal, a the website for the House of Representatives during the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU in the second half of 2012, an online application tool for the Human Resources Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) and the new website for the European University of Cyprus.  

Details of the winners can be found at http://www.businessawardseurope.com 

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